How to use Microgreens!

Updated: Apr 10

Microgreens are very new to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. A long history of strained access to fresh produce has also left a lot of our local cuisine absent of greens, this is one of the many reasons why Microgreens are uniquely important to this province, they're easy to grow here and can easily supplement our nutrient-starved diets with delicious and beautiful greens!

Microgreens are a little different than the traditional forms of produce that you may be used to, but they can be used in similar ways and provide a myriad of benefits over traditional greens. Microgreens have been researched to find that they can contain up to 50x the nutrients as their fully grown counterparts, meaning one bite of broccoli microgreens can be as nutritious as 50 bites of full-grown broccoli! Microgreens are also far more flavourful, all that flavour is packed into the tiny spouts giving you a delicious vibrant taste. Finally, microgreens have brilliant colours and textures that really add to the presentation of your dish, you'll look like a professional cook in no time. People are always asking for tips on how to use microgreens or recipes, so we made this article to offer some guidance. The first priority is to get these little bundles of nutrients in your body any way you can, some are even great as a healthy snack on their own!

  • Use your microgreens as the base of a salad, or a flavour-boosting addition to your salads!

  • Microgreens are amazing on sandwiches, we love to rotate through the flavours to keep our sandwiches and subs interesting and dynamic! Plus they add great texture (especially Pea and Sunflower)

  • Do you like juice or smoothies? Us too! Add any microgreens to them for a huge natural nutrient boost

  • Pasta, Stir-fry and ramen are other great applications for microgreens, get them in there!

  • Feeling bad about loving pizza so much? Don't! Throw some microgreens on there and eat more!

  • Eggs for breakfast? Try Radish or Sunflower in there, or Pea on your breakfast sandwich

  • Don't feel limited to these examples, eat them as a snack, as a side, or as a garnish! The spicy microgreens like radish and bok choy go well with meats (yes, put them on your steak!). Take one of our blends, add dressing or oil, and BAM, you've got a killer side salad.

In conclusion, there are no wrong ways to use microgreens! Are you an expert at using microgreens in your meals? We want your recipes! Or even just pictures of your meals to share with the community. If you enjoying writing these recipes up, we can make you an editor on our blog, so let us know! Subscribe for weekly orders of microgreens by selecting 'weekly order' when adding an item to your cart. We also have a weekly plan that you will get 4 microgreens per week for the price of three, the catch? You can't choose the varieties so it will be random each week. You'll find that at the bottom of our 'Microgreens' page Just below you'll find some photos of meals submitted by our awesome customers. Happy eating!