Green Farm June Update and Future Plans

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new website! We're so happy to have a platform to host a proper storefront, product information, recipes (please submit some!), and this blog. We're just 18 months into this venture and thanks to overwhelming support from people like you, we're going to be around for the long run. We can't wait to bring you a ton of new products, delivered fresh to your door, all year round! We've largely become known for microgreens as they've been a core product since the beginning. But we've also been growing fresh herbs and leafy greens on a small scale as well. This summer, we plan to expand our leafy green and herb production by over 4 times, we'll also be offering a broader range of herbs, salad green mixes and individual leafy greens as well. We plan to expand again next year to keep offering a bigger diversity of products, we can grow just about any plant in the world so we'll be considering a lot of potential products, and doing customer surveys as well. (leafy green and herb production is currently paused but will resume in early July)

We primarily deliver in the Metro St. Johns area (Mt. Pearl, Torbay, CBS, Kilbride, Goulds, Paradise), however, we get a lot of questions about delivering outside those areas. Our Mission at Green Farm is to provide healthy and affordable produce to ALL the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, year-round. We're starting in the St. John's area but we hope to expand to all the major population hubs across the island and Labrador over time, but we rely on your support to do so. Please consider us for your core grocery needs as our product line expands, and we promise, we'll continue to invest in bringing food security to our province, one farm at a time. Consider subscribing for weekly deliveries for special offers, join our mailing list for updates (see footer), and please submit your favourite recipes to us at Thanks again for the overwhelming support, Newfoundland!