Cinnamon Basil: Recipes and more!

We're always experimenting with different crops at Green Farm, we love to grow things that we've never even heard of, let alone seen in Newfoundland. We've been experimenting with Cinnamon basil and it's incredible. Cinnamon is an incredibly aromatic and flavourful variety, with so many interesting uses. Try Cinnamon basil as a substitute for Mint in cocktails (think Mojito!), in salads, baked goods and syrups! We found a couple of good sources for info on Cinnamon basil and recipes too! See below, and happy cooking!

"Cinnamon basil has an herbal, warm flavoring well suited for fresh preparations and as a garnish for cooked recipes. The textured leaves can be torn and tossed into green salads, blended into pesto and marinades, infused into oils, syrups, vinegar, and honey, or chopped and sprinkled over soups. Cinnamon basil can also be cooked into apple sauce, jams, and sauces for meat, steeped into teas, used to flavor baked goods such as pies and cookies, or combined into pasta. Add chopped Cinnamon basil to pumpkin pie filling as an alternative to ground, dried cinnamon, or blend Cinnamon basil leaves with heavy cream and beat until desired whipped cream consistency, then top brownies or pie. Cinnamon basil is also used as a flavorful garnish on hot drinks. In Mexico, the herb is frequently mixed into canelazo, a spiced rum drink, mezcal-based cocktails, or infused into mojitos. Cinnamon basil complements flavors commonly found in Indian and Asian cuisine and pairs well with fruits such as oranges, melons, apples, kiwis, limes, and strawberries, vanilla, pecans, and meats such as poultry, pork, ham, and beef. Whole, unwashed Cinnamon basil should be used immediately for the best quality and flavor."

Cinnamon Basil cookie recipe :

Cinnamon Basil pesto recipe :

Honey Almond Basil Biscotti recipe :

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